Why We Choose Earthborn Breathable Paints

Why We Choose Earthborn Breathable Paints

A look at Earthborn’s breathable paints

Breathable paints image by Tom Saga (via Shutterstock).

Earthborn’s breathable paints are top of the pots every time. No strong smells, nor planet-destroying chemicals. Image by Tom Saga (via Shutterstock).

Mention the word ‘paint’, and the first things you think of are ‘matt’, ‘gloss’, ‘smell’ and, sometimes, ‘headaches’. The smell of fresh paint conjures up the thought of thumping headaches from the chemicals. If a standard issue tin of gloss or emulsion plays havoc with your head, imagine what it can do to our environment? Thanks to Earthborn, their breathable paints offer a real alternative.

A real alternative which has no emissions and a wide palette. Breathable paints which are good for your home and health as well as the planet. Earthborn was formed in 2002, back when breathable paints or eco paints were unheard of. They became the first UK holder of an EU Ecolabel for Indoor Paints and Varnishes.

Its durability and emission free coatings are a firm favourite with Tully Decorators. Plus they are free from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). They also offer a Claypaint range, a selection of breathable paints with an ultra matt finish. Their range of Claypaint colours are designed for walls and ceilings.

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Tully Decorators, 05 July 2017.

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